Our Foxglove Lino print is part of our Witches Garden collection. This is a collection of artworks I plan to bring out in 2021 that focus on pants with links to mystical and magical mythologies.


The foxglove has been carved by hand into battleship lino and hand printed onto Japanese Ho-Sho paper, each print is hand signed. 


The print measures approximately: 10 x 15.5cm (4 x 6 1/6") 

Paper size Approximately:  12.7 x 17.8cm (5 x 7")


The foxglove is believed to be a source of a witch’s power, where by grinding up the plant and mixing it with animal fat into a paste and rubbed onto the body and or a broom.

The foxglove is also apart of the fairy realm, and is where you would often find then dancing inside the trumpet shaped flowers, leaving their footprints as the spots on the petals. As they belong among the fairy’s it is believed picking a foxglove and taking it into your home is bad luck, as you are taking the plant from the Fairy’s, which will cause them to seek revenge for what was taken.


The plants also have a mythology surrounding foxes, where foxes where the flowers on their paws to keep off the morning dew. In Norse mythology foxes where the bell shaped flowers are hung in a ring around their necks as a spell of protection to stop hunters, tying in with this the Anglo-Saxons referred to the plant as foxes-gleow, “gleow” meaning bells.

Foxglove Linoprint