Have your earmuffs at the ready for our Vitruvian Mandrake print.


A print of a Mandrake plant in the style of Da Vinci Vitruvian carved and printed by hand onto sand coloured card stock.


This print has been printed in a limited run of  prints valable on two paper stocks:

  • Sand coloured card stock with a limated run of 10
  • Palsar Mulberry paper with a limated run of 7 


Please note that the Mulberry paper is very lightweight and has a slightly translucent quality to it, which reflects the natral quality of the print perfectly. 


Paper size A4.

Each print, is numbered, and signed.



The Mandrake plant has a long history of medical and magical law stretching all the way back to biblical times. It was most notoriously known to aid in Fertility where in the book of Genesis where Rachael receives a gift of a mandrake from her sister in the hope of becoming pregnant, and it was believed that sleeping with the plant under your pillow would increase your fertility and help with childbirth.


The Ancient Greeks also noted the Mandrake’s use as a surgical anaesthetic in ACE 60, where as due to its Alkaloid nature it can cause hallucinations, delirium and, coma when ingested.  


As we move into the middle ages the plant was believed to influence and allow those who posses one to control their influence power and wealth, it also began to be linked to witchcraft and is said to be one of the ingredients in the witches potion enabling them to fly and at John of Arcs trial in 1431 she was accused of using Mandrakes to promote her position, which helped lead to her execution.


In Later Mediterranean law it was believed that a Demon inhabited the body (root) of the plant, and it would kill anyone who attempted to uproot the plant.

Vitruvian Mandrake