The Kings raven is a beautiful two layer lino print that has been hand carved from two blocks of lino and printed by hand onto Ursus 100% recycled dark grey paper that has a slight purple blue hue that mimics the nights sky.


The raven sits is perched on the edge of an antique crown in front of a golden full moon.


This is a beautiful print that would make a perfect gift for any gothic soul who is a fan of dark interiors.  


As a hand printed Lino print each print will have slight variations making each piece unique and classed as an original piece of art. 



Paper size measures approximately: 9x13”


Image size measured approximately: 7.5”x 10 ¾” making the printed area slightly smaller than A4.


We recommend float mounting your lino print when framing (this is when the print is placed on top of a solid mount so the torn edges are visible, instead of behind a traditional window mount) This style of mounting and framing helps to highlight the beautiful hand made nature of the print in a really striking way.


If you opt for a traditional window mount frame, I recommend going for a 11x14” frame (or bigger) with a mount to fit a A4 (8 ¼ x 11 3/4 “- 21x 29.7cm) image.  


We also have 1 seconds print, available at a reduced cost with the gold misprinted chatter around the image, this is still a very striking and charming print.

The Kings Raven Lino Print

  •  The Ravens are steeped in Myth and Legend dating back to the times of the Celts; with its deep black feathers and horse croak they were often viewed with foreboding and seen as an omen of death. Often seen over the fields of battle the Ravens were beloved to bridge the ties of the living and the dead depicted as messenger between the two, embodied with the power of the gods! In Cornish folk law and Arthurian legend, it is said that Arthur did not die but his sprit entered into a red billed Chough, a cousin to the raven and a member of the Corvid Family.

    The Raven is very prominent in Norse mythology where Odin is sometimes referred to as the Raven God as his two birds Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) fly around the world gathering information to pass back to him. The Valkyrie, who are female figures who walk the battlefields with the ravens choosing who lives and dies, the valiant are selected to go to Valhalla to aid Odin at the end of days.

    The Celtic god Bran the Blessed and garden of Britton whose symbol was of a Raven ordered his own head cut off. After his decapitation his head was able to speak Prophecy. Legend says that his head was berried at Tower Hill, where the tower of London now stands where legend says that if the Ravens ever leave the Tower Britton will Fall.